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Gentlemen Preferred Lingerie : Men's ideas to gift giving

It’s that time of year again! ’Tis the season for family gathering, lots of holiday parties, and gifts galore! Lingerie is a must-have item this season, so listen up gentlemen: you can get the perfect sexy lingerie set for your wife or girlfriend right here. We have some helpful tips to purchasing lingerie as well beautiful sets that she’ll love to open. Keep reading our blog to see how you can make this your most unforgettable holiday season yet.

One good tip is to buy a matching set. A sexy bra or sexy panty are great, but what’s even better is a matching set that she will love wearing together. We have lots of cheap lingerie sets on our site, but two of our favorites are below. This Sexy Lace Bra and matching Lace Panty come in a variety of colors and are very romantic. They feature a push up cup for added volume and shaping. Another option is the Sexy Lace Bralet and Brief set which is similar to the first in that it comes in a variety of colors and has that lace that we all love, but this set is un-lined and does not have any added push-up or padding. This would be the perfect sexy lingerie set for her to lounge in!

A second tip is to know what style she likes. Is she more of a girly girl? Does she like plain and simple? Bright and colorful? This is probably not too hard to figure out as you will get a good sense of her style based on what she wears everyday. If she loves very feminine looks, she’ll love our Embroidered Bra which comes in a dainty lavender color and has beautiful floral accents. If she likes to stand out in the crowd, she’ll certainly do just that in our Sexy Embroidery and Patchwork Set - this vibrant look is bright blue and hot pink and comes in a playful skirted style with a push up bra to match! And last but not least, if she likes to keep things sophisticated and simple, the Sexy Lace Hot Brasserie comes in a variety of pastel and subdued colors, but they still have gorgeous embellishments so it will never feel like a basic bra.

A third tip is to get her a variety of garments. So yes, she will love a sexy lingerie set, but sometimes she’ll probably just want something cute and comfortable to relax in. For this, you can choose from our great sleepwear options, like this Chiffon Nightgown. This piece is super soft and free flowing so she’ll feel her best, but it’s still very sexy and can turn any night into something special!

Don’t wait any longer to buy the perfect lingerie gift for that special person in your life. We have tons of cheap and sexy lingerie sets and sleepwear options to choose from, at prices so low you can afford to spoil her with more than one!

Lingerie you should not travel without

Are you traveling a lot this holiday season? Going to see friends and family for a special holiday tradition? Or maybe just taking some time off work to treat yourself to a vacation? Whatever the reason may be, this is one of the busiest times of year to travel, and packing can always cause added stress. But with your lingerie and sleepwear, there is no stress necessary! We have a great selection of items that you’ll never want to travel without. Make sure you have these in your suitcase before you go anywhere, and you can be rest assured that you’ll have a sexy and comfortable adventure ahead!

First, you will want to make sure you have a comfortable bra that you can wear almost anywhere. Our Casual Brasserie is wonderful because it is shaped similar to a sports bra so it is guaranteed to have lots of stretch but also a lot of support.  Even better is that they come in the cutest designs and have some extra lift and push-up in them as well. You can have a busy day of sightseeing that transitions into a night on the town, these bras are perfect for rising to the occasion.

Another item you won’t want to leave out is an extra sexy set. After all, what fun is vacation if you can’t have a little fun? Enjoy your time away from the norm, and treat yourself to something extra sexy, like one of our cheap and sexy matching lingerie sets. For something truly unforgettable, we love our Sexy Lace Bra and Matching Underpants - this is a top seller at our store! Beautiful black lingerie overlays a delicate light pink color for a look that’s as sexy as it is feminine. It has great added push-up so your chest will look it’s absolute best, and this bra transitions nicely from a romantic dinner out to a beautiful set behind closed doors.

Don’t forget the sleepwear! While traveling and vacations can actually end up being tiring, you’ll want to make sure you have something easy and cute to throw on at the end of the day. Our Silk Kimono Robe is perfect for slipping into right after a hot shower, or to wear in the morning when you’re digging through your suitcase deciding what to wear that day. This piece is totally adjustable to fit many body types, super soft and comfortable, and is lightweight and packs easy into any suitcase - no matter how full it already is!

And last but not least, another important factor to consider is how many outfits you can wear your bra with. Getting a bra with racer-back straps means that you can wear it not only with traditional style tops, but also with tops that have a racer-back design. Similarly, the color of your bra is important too. We all have those tops that are just a little bit sheer, so you’ll want to wear something that is a neutral color. This Bra and Brief Set is perfect for both of those things! And it even comes with a matching panty, so the practical and cute lingerie set just got even better!

Packing and traveling doesn’t have to be stressful, at least not when it comes to your intimates. Make sure you have something supportive, something sexy, something to sleep in, and something that can convert and work with many different outfits. And all at a great price, you won’t want to leave the house without our cheap and sexy lingerie and sleepwear!

Bra Essential

Shopping for bras and sexy lingerie can be so much fun, but sometimes it can get overwhelming with all of the different styles and options out there.  If you’re not really sure where to start, or you feel like you want to rebuilt your lingerie wardrobe, we’re featuring a great blog today with all of the essentials and basics you’ll want to have on hand. 

Sexy seamless bras are a must have for lingerie closet! These bras are perfect for when you’re wearing a tight shirt or a form fitting dress. Since they’re seamless, you won’t see any bulky lines that would normally show through when you’re wearing something tight. Instead, these blend in perfectly as if there was nothing there at all! One of our favorite seamless bras is the Seamless Lace Bra Bandeau. This cheap and sexy bra will look great under your favorite dress, and being seamless it will feel super comfortable too!
Another option you’ll want to have on hand is a push up bra. Sometimes we just need that extra lift! Depending on your natural bust shape you can choose a push up with a lot, or just a little lift. This Padded Push Up Bra is part of a sexy lingerie set as it comes with matching panties. You’ll love the lace details, but you’ll love even more the extra lift it has giving you the perfect cleavage! While a push up bra is a basic you’ll always want to have in your closet, this piece also has the sexy details you love like the sparkling gem in the center, and the ribbons on the straps so you’ll be excited to show it off as well.

One of the trickiest things about finding a bra can be finding the right style to work with your shirt. Especially if you’re wearing a tank top or a fun summer top, and you don’t want to have your bra straps showing. That’s why a T-strap, or Racerback bra is another great type of bra to have. This Sexy Bra Set is one of our favorite cheap and sexy bras because it has that great t-strap style which will prevent your bra straps from falling off your shoulders during the day, and this set also comes in a great variety of colors which means that you can stock up on basics like beige and black bras as well.

Shapewear is something that many women own, whether that’s those high waisted underwear that suck everything in, or some type of tummy shaper. But there’s no denying that you can’t go wrong with a classic corset - after all, this was one of the first types of shapewear invented so you know it’s gotta be good! This Steampunk Lacy Overbust Corset is perfect for creating that hourglass shape. It will nip in your waist and lift and accentuate your bust. This piece can be worn as a sexy outerwear look to pair with your favorite jeans, we bet it will become your “go-to” look for when you want to look extra hot!

Finally, a soft-cup bra is another basic you’ll want to own at least one of. The biggest difference in a soft cup bra, is that unlike some of the padded or push up bras you might own, this has less padding and is generally made from thinner material. It’s lightweight feel is great not only for hot summer days, but also if you want to keep a look that’s more true to your natural bust shape. This Thin Cup Invisible Bra is made from sexy sheer fabric, but it still has underwire cups and structure for support without added bulk. This is another great bra that comes in plenty of fun color options!

We all love owning that super sexy lingerie, but sometimes you need to go back to the basics and make sure you have all of the essentials. From seamless bras to shaping corset, push-up bras or soft-cup bras, these are all important items that will get plenty of use! 

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Sexy Black Lingerie

Is there anything as sexy as black lingerie? This is a color that evokes feelings of mystery, with a sexy and daring vibe. All perfectly seductive feelings we love feeling when showing off our favorite lingerie. But we want to step it up a notch by adding our favorite material, lace, into the mix. Black lace lingerie is one of the most popular items on the market, be sure to check out some of our best selling cheap lingerie which will be the perfect addition to your lingerie wardrobe. 

If you’re looking for a cheap and sexy bra and panty set, the Womens Lace Patchwork and Brief Set will be perfect for you! This adorable bra is cut like a longline bra, and comes down a bit farther on your torso than a regular bra. It has black lace overlay for instant appeal, and comes complete with matching panties. We love this set in black lace, but it also comes in white lace if you’d want one of each!

Another way we love seeing black lace is when it’s paired with another color for contrast. The Super Pushup Intimate Bra does just that as you can see the black lace overtop of either the white bra color, or the bright fuchsia color. This is a great way to add just the right amount of sexiness to one of your favorite colors. On this bra you’ll find black lace on the cups, as well as a strip of sheer black lace on the side panels for some extra intrigue.

Black and pink go great together and you can see that in this Womens Flower Bow Patchwork with Panty Set. This bra has a deep plunging neckline and has added push up giving you the best cleavage possible. This cheap and sexy bra has black lace overtop of pastel pink for a naughty but nice color combo, and you’ll love the added details of the satin bow in the center and ribboned detail on the straps and trim. 

The Lace Padded Push Up Lace Bra is another bra that’s fit more like a longline bra, so it’s a great choice for women who like that style and the added support that’s offered. On this bra you’ll find solid black fabric with additional black lace on the trim, as well as a sheer lace section in the center. This dark and mischievous look is sexy and affordable and also comes with a matching panty. The panty has the same sexy look with ribbon details and lace trim on the hips. 

If you love the low-cup look of balconette bras, the Womens Lace Embroidery Set will be a great fit for you. This piece has sheer fabric cups with adorable swiss dot embroidery. Of course you’ll love the lace trim on this as well!

As if you needed another reason to go lingerie shopping, these cheap black lace lingerie sets will be perfect additions to your lingerie wardrobe. With so many different options and styles to choose from, you’ll be dying to show them off!

Push Up Bra

Who doesn’t need a little lift every now and then? Whether you’ve had a rough day and want to lift your spirits, or you’re getting ready for a hot date and the outfit just doesn’t quite look ready yet…push up bras will come to the rescue! These padded bras will add volume to smaller chests as well as lift and shape your bust. While soft cup bras can be comfortable for relaxing in, we know you’ll be reaching for your favorite push up bra next time you’re ready to impress. Keep reading to see our favorite push ups, in every color of the rainbow!

Our Lace Padded Bra and Brief have molded cups so your bust will have the optimal rounded shape - the added padding in the bra will make your bust appear fuller and you’ll achieve that perfect cleavage you love. This beautiful red lingerie set has lace overlay for a feminine and romantic look. Don’t forget, this affordable set comes with a matching panty which is made from lace and stretch mesh.

And since we know how much you love lace, we also have the Sexy Lace Super Push Up Bra. Of course, any garment that is named “super push up” is sure to please in the cleavage area, but this bra and panty set are just as adorable as they are functional. You’ll be able to lift and shape your bust in a bright and mood enhancing pink color, which contrasts with the white lace and lime green bow. What’s better than your favorite push up bra at a cheap price? Having one you can’t wait to show off!

To add even more adorable style to your lingerie wardrobe, look no farther than the Sexy Pink Polka Dot Push Up Bra and Panty Set.  You’ll find pale pink straight from the tutu of a dainty ballerina, paired with whimsical polka dots and a unique patterned trim. You can see in the picture the optimal push up it offers, but this bra also has sturdy straps and a three-clasp closure in the back making it a smart pick for larger busts that need extra support.

And finally, what says sexy better than black lace? Not much! This Black Lace Push Up Bra incorporates all of your favorite things about lingerie design, and managed to fit them all onto one, very perfect bra. First, you’ll notice the push-up and padding, which go perfectly with the plunge neckline. After all, if you’re showing off you’re cleavage, you’ll want to make sure you can wear your favorite low cut top too! The black lace overlays a dusty pink, and the fine details include ribbon weaving on the trim, a bow in the center gore, and contrasting pink and black straps. You’ll be serious eye candy in this one!

It’s no secret that sometimes something as little as the right lingerie or even the right bra can do wonders for your mood and brightening your day. All of these fabulous push up bras will definitely bring you the boost you need, and have you feeling on your a-game - whether that’s just to get through the rest of the day, or you’re ready for a fun night out on the town!

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Cotton Vs Microfibre

Have you ever tried out different fabrics for your underwear and lingerie? We all know that different materials are used for different garments, and today we’re talking about the differences between microfibre and cotton lingerie, and showcasing some of our great cheap lingerie products as well!

Microfibre is not as natural as cotton material, however this engineered material is made to stay silky soft, cool, and is known for its moisture-wicking properties. Microfibre is made from a variety of materials and threads that have a lot of stretch and generally are more breathable than other fabrics, they also are great at holding their shape and don’t stretch out easily.  People’s personal preferences will lead them to choose either cotton or microfibre, but we love this fabric for its elasticity, ease of wearing, comfort, and unlike some other lingerie materials - it’s user-friendly washing instructions. 

Cotton is known as a more “organic” material as it only has one type of fiber that makes it up. It is natural and can be pretty breathable depending on how thick the piece of cotton is. One thing about cotton is that it won’t absorb moisture very well, which can sometimes be a problem depending on the type of environment you’re in. However these garments are known for being soft and feeling good against your skin. Cotton is also one of the most breathable fabrics out there, which makes it perfect in hot weather. 

As you’ll see, while cotton conjures up images of plain white underwear, it can be so much more. Cotton can be made into soft romantic lace bras, ornate trimmings or simply dyed a range of expressive colors. Designers also use trims made from other fabrics to enhance cotton lingerie pieces, as you’ll see below. No matter what your style is, there is a cotton lingerie set for you. 

Check out our favorite cotton lingerie sets below:

Cotton lingerie sometimes makes us think of basic white panties, but this black lace set proves that cotton can be as sexy as any other material. We love the floral lace look as well as the outstanding push up effect. 

This bra is a more romantic option. We especially love the wine red color with the floral trim. This lingerie set will make you feel like a fairy tale princess!

This sexy bra set features patchwork style embroidery and eyelash lace trim for a truly stunning effect. It also comes in black and pink to suit all tastes and wardrobes. The sweet floral trim is just icing on the cake. 

Saturday, 29 August 2015

How To Find The Perfect Bra and Make It Last

Today we’re going to cover two important topics: how to find the perfect bra for you, but also how to keep it clean and fresh once you have it! There’s nothing worse than losing your favorite bra to the washing machine, so today we’ll teach you how to make your best lingerie last.

Finding the perfect bra is all about fit and fabric. Many of us like certain kinds of bras, like lace bras or bras that use extremely soft fabrics. Look for bras that have features of your current favorite bra when you’re trying new options. These features can include what kind of bra it is (a push up, full cup, etc) as well as what materials and details you love.

To know if your new bra fits properly, look for these signs:

- Is all of your breast tissue encapsulated inside each of the cups? If you have tissue spilling out from the sides, bottom or top of the cup, then you need to try a cup size up.

- Is your band too tight or too loose? You should be able to fit about two fingers under your bra band. Any more is too loose and any less is too tight.

- Do your straps stay on your shoulders? Do they dig into your skin? If your straps are either digging into your shoulders or falling off them, then your bra does not fit. Look for a smaller band that will be more supportive.

Once you’ve found your perfect bra, it’s time to figure out how to wash it so you can get the most life out of it. Hand washing is ideal for lingerie, but it’s always tempting to just pop your bra in the washing machine when you’re short on time. If you must, do it on a gentle cycle with no other clothing that can pull on it. Whatever you do, do not put it through the dryer. Dryer heat degrades elastics and other bra components incredibly quickly, which will ruin your bra in no time. If you want to wash your bra in the washing machine, hang it up or dry it flat and let it air dry.

If you want to hand wash it, all you need is a mild detergent and a silk, Fill your sink up with lukewarm water and add your detergent (even baby shampoo works in a pinch). Swish your lingerie around a bit in the water and let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes. Once the time is up, squeeze the excess water out in a clean towel and hang it up to dry.

With proper care, a new bra should last for at least six months to a year!

Saturday, 25 July 2015

To wear a bra or Go Braless !!!

To wear a bra or go braless?

I remember vividly the first time I saw women walking topless and braless when I was in my twenties and vacationing in Phuket Island, Thailand. These women were mostly European and they were sunbathing on the beach.  It was an extraordinary experience for a young Asian woman like me.

While sunbathing without a bra might be common in European culture, it might be somewhat controversial in Asian culture, not to mention going braless just for fun and fashion purposes

Nevertheless, it’s a norm for many female celebrities to wear daring attire and walk around without a bra. This is especially when they use push-up silicone bra pads or wear V-neck low cut dresses, which allow for going braless on red carpets without revealing too much cleavage.

Miranda Kerr
Anne Hathaway
Angeline Jolie

Some new research suggests that bras provide no benefits to women and women who do not use bras benefit in the long term with their nipples lifted. When women wear bras, the restrictive material can prevent muscle tissue from growing to provide natural support and may accelerate sagging. Despite the findings, Professor Rouillon stresses that the study’s sample (130 female aged 18 to aged 35) may not be representative of the entire population. Moreover, wearing bras that are too tight may cause congestion in the lymph nodes, and breast pain. Moreover, wearing the wrong sized bra may be linked to breast cancer.

However, some women skeptical about the new research think that bras provide breast support, and hide their nipples, which might be considered provocative if displayed.  Experts such as cosmetic surgeons agree that wearing a well fitting bra in bed at night may lead to a more comfortable sleep, especially for those with large breasts who seek a feeling of security.

In conclusion, it is too early to claim that wearing a bra will put women’s health at risk as further research with larger female samples is needed.

Would you prefer wearing a bra or go braless? I would like to hear from you !


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Keeping it stylish with Basic BRAs !

If there’s one thing most women can agree on, it’s the importance of a good fitting bra, and keeping it stylish at the same time. Beautiful lingerie surrounds us, but often times the prices make them unattainable. We’ve got one of the largest selections of cheap/budget bras, and sexy lingerie! Today, we’re featuring some of our best selling basic bras—the types of garments that will work with almost any style top, and come in colors that blend in to match your skin color or go unnoticed under a sheer top. These affordable and practical bras will become your go-to underwear!

This new arrival is a great pick for plus-size women who have curvier, larger busts. While you may love showing off your curves, it’s important that you find a good-fitting bra that offers you enough support to keep you lifted and comfortable all day long. This Crop Top Fitness Bralette is a full coverage bra with beautiful lace detailing on the cups. It comes in sizes 32-40 B-E cups, and in three great colors for every skin tone. You won’t want to pass up this bargain bra!

If there’s anything better than finding the perfect bra, is getting matching panties with it too, and at a low price! The Bra and Panty set comes in cup sizes B-F, so women of many sizes can enjoy it. The lace cups and stretchy nylon are super soft, and the panties are made from the same material so you’ll stay comfortable all day long. You can’t beat the price of this cheap bra and panties set, and you love its sexy design too!

Another great basic to have is a push up bra. This affordable push up bra comes in a variety of colors, from skin-toned, to bright red, to basic black. You can have one to work with all of your favorite shirts, no matter how sheer they are! This bargain-priced bra has tons of support from the straps and cups, so your chest will look its very best. You’ll also love the feminine lace detailing and sexy crystal detail in the center. We love sexy lingerie, and even more so at a discounted price!

You can’t go wrong with anything made of lace, and white lace is extra elegant. This bralette features beautiful white lace throughout the sides and the cups, and has a dainty bow right in the center. This is a push up bra, so once again, it will have you looking your best all day, and the white and silver color will blend perfectly under even a sheer top. You’ll be hard pressed to find a beautiful and sexy cheap bra like this one, especially when it comes with matching panties!

And finally, one last lace push up bra at a price that’s just as attractive as its design! Slip into this piece if you’re feeling extra elegant, the three part cups will mold and sculpt your bust, while covering it in beautiful lace trim. The matching panties offer full coverage, soft fabric, and a stretchy, comfortable fit. They are also trimmed with stretch lace to work perfectly with the bra.

With all of the great options for cheap and sexy bras and lingerie, how will you pick just one? Luckily at these prices you can stock up on all of your basics, and look great doing it!