Saturday, 29 August 2015

How To Find The Perfect Bra and Make It Last

Today we’re going to cover two important topics: how to find the perfect bra for you, but also how to keep it clean and fresh once you have it! There’s nothing worse than losing your favorite bra to the washing machine, so today we’ll teach you how to make your best lingerie last.

Finding the perfect bra is all about fit and fabric. Many of us like certain kinds of bras, like lace bras or bras that use extremely soft fabrics. Look for bras that have features of your current favorite bra when you’re trying new options. These features can include what kind of bra it is (a push up, full cup, etc) as well as what materials and details you love.

To know if your new bra fits properly, look for these signs:

- Is all of your breast tissue encapsulated inside each of the cups? If you have tissue spilling out from the sides, bottom or top of the cup, then you need to try a cup size up.

- Is your band too tight or too loose? You should be able to fit about two fingers under your bra band. Any more is too loose and any less is too tight.

- Do your straps stay on your shoulders? Do they dig into your skin? If your straps are either digging into your shoulders or falling off them, then your bra does not fit. Look for a smaller band that will be more supportive.

Once you’ve found your perfect bra, it’s time to figure out how to wash it so you can get the most life out of it. Hand washing is ideal for lingerie, but it’s always tempting to just pop your bra in the washing machine when you’re short on time. If you must, do it on a gentle cycle with no other clothing that can pull on it. Whatever you do, do not put it through the dryer. Dryer heat degrades elastics and other bra components incredibly quickly, which will ruin your bra in no time. If you want to wash your bra in the washing machine, hang it up or dry it flat and let it air dry.

If you want to hand wash it, all you need is a mild detergent and a silk, Fill your sink up with lukewarm water and add your detergent (even baby shampoo works in a pinch). Swish your lingerie around a bit in the water and let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes. Once the time is up, squeeze the excess water out in a clean towel and hang it up to dry.

With proper care, a new bra should last for at least six months to a year!