Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Cotton Vs Microfibre

Have you ever tried out different fabrics for your underwear and lingerie? We all know that different materials are used for different garments, and today we’re talking about the differences between microfibre and cotton lingerie, and showcasing some of our great cheap lingerie products as well!

Microfibre is not as natural as cotton material, however this engineered material is made to stay silky soft, cool, and is known for its moisture-wicking properties. Microfibre is made from a variety of materials and threads that have a lot of stretch and generally are more breathable than other fabrics, they also are great at holding their shape and don’t stretch out easily.  People’s personal preferences will lead them to choose either cotton or microfibre, but we love this fabric for its elasticity, ease of wearing, comfort, and unlike some other lingerie materials - it’s user-friendly washing instructions. 

Cotton is known as a more “organic” material as it only has one type of fiber that makes it up. It is natural and can be pretty breathable depending on how thick the piece of cotton is. One thing about cotton is that it won’t absorb moisture very well, which can sometimes be a problem depending on the type of environment you’re in. However these garments are known for being soft and feeling good against your skin. Cotton is also one of the most breathable fabrics out there, which makes it perfect in hot weather. 

As you’ll see, while cotton conjures up images of plain white underwear, it can be so much more. Cotton can be made into soft romantic lace bras, ornate trimmings or simply dyed a range of expressive colors. Designers also use trims made from other fabrics to enhance cotton lingerie pieces, as you’ll see below. No matter what your style is, there is a cotton lingerie set for you. 

Check out our favorite cotton lingerie sets below:

Cotton lingerie sometimes makes us think of basic white panties, but this black lace set proves that cotton can be as sexy as any other material. We love the floral lace look as well as the outstanding push up effect. 

This bra is a more romantic option. We especially love the wine red color with the floral trim. This lingerie set will make you feel like a fairy tale princess!

This sexy bra set features patchwork style embroidery and eyelash lace trim for a truly stunning effect. It also comes in black and pink to suit all tastes and wardrobes. The sweet floral trim is just icing on the cake.