Saturday, 25 July 2015

To wear a bra or Go Braless !!!

To wear a bra or go braless?

I remember vividly the first time I saw women walking topless and braless when I was in my twenties and vacationing in Phuket Island, Thailand. These women were mostly European and they were sunbathing on the beach.  It was an extraordinary experience for a young Asian woman like me.

While sunbathing without a bra might be common in European culture, it might be somewhat controversial in Asian culture, not to mention going braless just for fun and fashion purposes

Nevertheless, it’s a norm for many female celebrities to wear daring attire and walk around without a bra. This is especially when they use push-up silicone bra pads or wear V-neck low cut dresses, which allow for going braless on red carpets without revealing too much cleavage.

Miranda Kerr
Anne Hathaway
Angeline Jolie

Some new research suggests that bras provide no benefits to women and women who do not use bras benefit in the long term with their nipples lifted. When women wear bras, the restrictive material can prevent muscle tissue from growing to provide natural support and may accelerate sagging. Despite the findings, Professor Rouillon stresses that the study’s sample (130 female aged 18 to aged 35) may not be representative of the entire population. Moreover, wearing bras that are too tight may cause congestion in the lymph nodes, and breast pain. Moreover, wearing the wrong sized bra may be linked to breast cancer.

However, some women skeptical about the new research think that bras provide breast support, and hide their nipples, which might be considered provocative if displayed.  Experts such as cosmetic surgeons agree that wearing a well fitting bra in bed at night may lead to a more comfortable sleep, especially for those with large breasts who seek a feeling of security.

In conclusion, it is too early to claim that wearing a bra will put women’s health at risk as further research with larger female samples is needed.

Would you prefer wearing a bra or go braless? I would like to hear from you !


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